¡Añe! -
            Héctor Curiel


The ¡Añe! eBook is ready on its primary and secondary formats. It will be available soon in the most popular eBook formats, which are almost ready or being prepared. Also the main eBook readers, e-bookstores and even traditional bookstores will be offering it soon.

The printed book will be available later. It usually takes twelve to eighteen months after the eBook launch for the paper editions to start distribution. Please visit this page often for information and the latest news regarding availability.

If you cannot wait to get your eyes on some of the chapters, I am offering a few samples for you to read right here on your screen, or save a copy, or print them if you so wish.

Simply click on the links below. Each contains a very good chunk of selected scenes on different chapter throughout the novel.

    I would like to ask for your prudence and to please do not distribute this material to others.

    Thanks for your preference and above all, your discretion.

Newcomers Scene: http://hectorcuriel.com/NewcomersScene.pdf

City Scene: http://hectorcuriel.com/CityScene.pdf

Hill Scene: http://hectorcuriel.com/HillScene.pdf

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