¡Añe! -
            Héctor Curiel


Affected by many and drastic happenings on his family, friends and community, Jaime finds himself uncovering clues that will lead him and his friends to find a kidnapper and killer hideout. He’s the only one capable of stopping the felon from causing more damage. A series of unrelated and direct events make him realize he cannot tell the police, and not even disclose anything to family members. What is worse is that he does not have any weapons, except for his physicality and quick thinking, aside from his best friend’s smarts.

When the time comes to face the killer, some other tragedies are revealed. Then misfortune changes Jaime’s and others lives drastically. A surprising turn of events happens when the other heroes are discovered. An amazing tale of successes and experiences starts threading an intricate fabric that makes all around Jaime change him in ways only a strong mind can be able to manage.

    Crisis, tragedy, lost, abandonment, transformations. A lot to chew and swallow indeed.

   ¡Añe! will make you want to start all over again before you finish. A novel that shows the    good in humans, and some reasons why perhaps some are forced to cross to the other side.

Praise for ¡Añe!

"Curiel's narrative style is very good... I wouldn't change anything.
He's a natural story teller." +++ Diana Gabaldon

"...surprise, surprise, surprise." +++ Noveau Readers

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